St. Mary's Board of Trustees

St. Mary's is grateful for its esteemed Board of Trustees whose leadership and philanthropy help shape the school in many ways.

Meet the Board

About Me


Vivian Iannotti is chief executive officer of Stop and Compare, which is opening its newest supermarket at 43 State St. — directly across the street from St. Mary’s. It will operate in part of the space that previously housed Shaw’s supermarket.

Vivian along with her husband, Marc, joined the family business in 2004 with the intent of growing the business her parents had started. After successfully adding a second location the company reached over $21 million in annual sales (2019); growing seven-fold over its 20+ year history. Combined net income from operations reached over 4% in sales, which is above the industry average of 1.5%. Vivian is responsible for strategic planning, talent management as well as marketing.

Before joining the family business, Vivian spent a decade working as an orthopedic physical therapist. She graduated from Williams College with a BA in Biology and Honors in Neuroscience and received a master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Vivian continues to have an interest in fitness, health, and wellness. She has integrated healthy eating initiatives and collaborated with researchers to conduct studies to this end specifically with the Latino population in the stores.  

Despite her busy professional life, Vivian’s priority continues to be her family. She is the proud daughter of Cuban born entrepreneur parents, wife to her best friend and colleague, and mother/chauffeur to a busy teenage daughter and 10-year-old twin sons. 

Viviam graduated High School from Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart and continued on to Williams College to receive her BA in Biology concentration in Neuroscience and received her MSPT from MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Why St. Mary's?

"I visited during the pandemic and was so impressed with the impetus of change and progress at the school despite so many obstacles. I feel my biggest blessing in life has been a faith based education. Being part of St. Mary's will afford me the opportunity to help others have the same. I am committed to education as the only true possession that can never be taken from us and committed to improving the City of Lynn via working with exemplary organizations such as St. Mary's."

Board of Trustees

William S. Mosakowski
Board Chair
Vice ChaiR
Susan Blanchard P’15’19
Mary Ann Calnan, Esq. ‘77
Dr. john f. dolan
(Ex officio)
(Ex Officio)
Ellen M. Fritz ’86 P’21

john J. green '67

Vivian iannotti
James Lyle, Esq.
Mark Mathers P’18'22
Shari mcguirk p'20
James D. Moore '62 P'87'90 GP'20'25
Glenn L. Morris ‘65
Paul D. Price ’75 P’01’04’06
Michael Reddy ’80 P’06’09
Don Weisse P’16’17‘20