Academic Instruction

The goal is in-person instruction for all students every day.

Our classrooms are getting an upgrade. With this new technology we can provide a better experience for our in-person student as well as be fully prepared for any changes that need to be made to our daily teaching practices.

These upgrades include:

  • Cameras in the classrooms to live stream for students who are not on campus
  • Interactive display boards in all classrooms
  • Preparations are being made for in-person, blended and online learning

Quarantine Guidance for Students

Students required to quarantine may participate in remote learning anytime if they feel well enough to participate in classes from home. Students required to quarantine due to illness are encouraged to focus on their health and recovery. Upon return to school, students will be allowed time to make-up any school work they may have missed while out sick.

Need Remote-Only Learning?

If a student requires remote only learning, a formal request must be filled out for approval. Emails will be sent out for families to respond. If a request for remote learning is not received, we will assume the student will report for in person learning.

Remote Learning Request Form

Interactive Displays


In class, there will be interactive displays for students who are learning remote. These screens will allow for teachers, in-person learners and remote students to all interact together. 

Remote learning will be available for those students who chose in-person learning but need to be home for another reason for a specific period of time.