Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

St. Mary’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed by Head of School Dr. John F. Dolan in the 2019-20 school year. The PAC is comprised of families representing all grades across the school. The goal of the PAC is to connect the parent and student experience with the school's leadership team, providing St. Mary's with insight and feedback in order to continuously strive for excellence.

PAC Co-Chairs: Victor & Mevis Leo
PAC Co-Vice Chairs: Heidi & David Guarino

PAC Members:

  • Michael & Carolyn Richman
  • Susan Archer
  • Sharon Benzan
  • Laurie & Paul Hartenstein
  • Laurie & Michael Keaney
  • Angela Trionfi
  • Holly Moloney
  • Farrah Dube-Parent
  • Ebony White
  • Julie & George Potter
  • Laurie & Stephen Spencer

Should you wish to send a message to the PAC, please email them at