St. Mary's program of studies encompasses a complete seven-year integrated curriculum that has been designed to prepare our students for a rigorous college experience, beginning in Grade 6 through their Senior year.

St. Mary's offers students a variety of opportunities to excel in the classroom, through emphasis on our pillars, academic integrity, academic rigor and technology. We encourage students to find their authentic self by challenging them to explore new learning opportunities and methods. St. Mary's embraces the use of technology in the classroom through our Digital Citizenship which incorporates 1:1 iPad learning, STEM courses beginning in Grade 7 and Virtual High School (VHS) opportunities. We seek to create an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. Using Christ as our example, we strive to provide a high quality education. Teaching and learning are central to our mission. We draw inspiration from our history of developing leaders in virtually every field of endeavor.

We welcome the opportunity to create partnerships between teachers, parents and students, as well as the Greater Lynn community.