Thank you to all of our Accepted Spartans that visited campus
on Tuesday, February 23 and Wednesday, February 24!

The St. Mary's Administration, Admissions Team and Student Ambassadors are beyond impressed with this year's group of accepted spartans. Our Student Ambassadors are confident you are all Spartans and believe this is the right step for you. Join them on our beloved Tremont Street campus this Fall 2021.

Your Future is Here!

Please enjoy a recap of our Accepted Spartans Night(s), then continue below to find yourself with Sportacus!

Find yourself with Sportacus!
Save the picture, upload to instagram and tag us @stmaryslynn or Facebook with 'St. Mary's Lynn' with the hashtag #myfutureishere.

We want you to be a Spartan!

Questions? Reach out to the admissions team!