Building Futures

rendering of front of new building at St. Marys

Click below to watch a video on what our new STEM & Gateway Building will add to our campus!

The Mosakowski Gardens: Click to watch video below for a walk through of our new outdoor space.



The Building Futures Campaign closed on December 31, 2017. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, St. Mary’s Building Futures project in underway. There are three phases to the construction project.  

Phase 1 is the steam to hot water conversion of the heating system, which happened during summer and fall 2018. This project change the face of S. Mary’s Tony Conigliaro ’62 gymnasium as the balcony was eliminated to contain the boiler system and is now an enclosed wall. 

Phase 2 of the Building Futures Project was the demolition of the Chapel and Annex Building and the Boiler Plant. This space will be transformed with the new building and include green space, parking and more opportunities for learning.

Phase 3 is the final phase in the Building Futures Project is the construction of new STEM/GATEWAY building which began in Spring of 2019. The goal for completion is September 2020.

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Phase 1 Construction Photos

Phase 2 Demolition Video

Phase 2 of the Building Futures Construction Project occurred on the weekend of December 21, 2018 when the Chapel Annex and Boiler Plant Buildings were razed to make way for construction of the new Gateway and STEM Building on St. Mary's Campus. Help us honor the Chapel. Click here to give to the Grotto.

Phase 3 STEM/GATEWAY Building Construction Update Pictures

Phase 3 is the final phase in the Building Futures Project and will be construction of new STEM/GATEWAY building.


Honorary Members
Margot Connell
Anthony F. DiCroce ’67, Trustee Emeritus, Board of Advisors
Msgr. Paul Garrity, Board of Advisors
John B. King ’66, Trustee Emeritus

Susan Blanchard P’15’19, Board of Trustees
Joan Luise Hill ’71, Trustee Emeritus, Board of Advisors
Mark Mathers P’18'22, Board of Trustees
Christina McCann ’56, Board of Advisors
Marnie R. Moore, Esq. ’87 P’20'25, Board of Trustees
Glenn L. Morris ’65, Campaign Chair, Board of Trustees
William S. Mosakowski, Chair, Board of Trustees
Dr. Elizabeth Molloy Twomey ’52, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
Les Vitale P’03’05, Trustee Emeritus, Board of Advisors
Michael Ward P’17, Board of Trustees