Our rigorous college-preparatory program is fully integrated over seven years. Graduation requirements include four years of English, Math and Theology; 3 years of Science and Social Studies; two years of a World Language. The average class size is 22 students, encouraging individual attention from faculty dedicated to recognizing the individuality of each student.

STEM Focused Curriculum

Students begin a strong STEM education when they enroll at St. Mary’s with a STEM focused curriculum sequence. In addition to their core math and science classes, students in grades 6 – 9 take a required engineering course and then can choose from STEM electives in grades 10, 11 and 12.

Engineering Sequence
Grade 6: Intro to Engineering
Grade 7: Design and Modeling
Grade 8: Automation and Robotics
Grade 9: Engineering Design I

High School STEM Elective courses include Engineering Design II, App Creator, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Innovation Project Design and Introduction to Computer Programming.

Science elective courses include Marine Biology, Forensic Science, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology and Biomedical Science.

AP courses are also included in the STEM offering ranging from AP Biology and AP Chemistry to AP Computer Science courses. Additional AP classes include Calculus, English Language, English Literature, Spanish, U.S. Government & Politics, U.S. History and World History. Students can enroll in additional Advanced Placement classes through our partnership with Virtual High School.

Students also take various elective courses of their choice. Please click here to view the Course Catalog to see all offerings.