St. Mary's Marian Division

Begin Your Journey

St. Mary's Marian Division began educating seventh and eighth graders in 1990 when it first opened its doors as a middle school. In 2011, St. Mary's expanded the Marian Division to include sixth grade.

The Marian Division allows students the opportunity to study across a seven-year integrated curriculum, with several course options to enhance learning.

Marian Division students benefit by having the opportunity to participate in sports, drama and clubs while studying in an environment that is driven by a college preparatory mindset.

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade begins St. Mary's seven year road map to finding your authentic self with the choice of three language courses, Math, Earth Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Theology and Intro to Art and Technology.

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade continues the path of learning maintaining the choice of three language courses, Pre-Algebra Math, Life Science, Geography, Physical Education, Theology and Intro to Art and Technology. STEM Design and Modeling is also incorporated into the academic schedule.

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade holds the importance as the launching platform for the high school years and maintains the same academic rigor. Language Arts, Mandarin and Spanish are three language courses, Algebra Math, Physical Science, Modern World Civilization, Physical Education, Theology and Yearbook and Journalism. STEM Automation and Robotics is added into the academic schedule.