St. Mary's Class of 2021 Commissioning

On October 1, 2020, St. Mary's Class of 2021 was honored as they begin their final year of high school. St. Mary's Senior Class was finally able to celebrate their Commissioning, that was supposed to be their Junior Commissioning back in June of this year.

Commissioning is a special time for St. Mary's as traditionally the junior class transitions into their senior year and become leaders of the community. The theme of this year's Class of 2021 Commissioning event was "Rise Up," inspired by the adversity and challenges the students have, and may encounter in the future. They've made many adjustments in their school work, athletics, college application process and overall every day lives. Challenges they never expected, but have handled with positivity and grace. This class is setting the standards for the new way of learning.

Vice Board Chair, Dr. Elizabeth A. Molloy Twomey '52 addressed the class of 2021. With words of encouragement, she reminded the students of who they are. "If I know one thing about St. Mary's, it is that Spartans can do anything," Betty said.

Under the musical guidance of Campus Ministry Director Mike McDuffee, there were two beautiful performances by seniors Amanda Mena '21 singing "Rise Up" and Vanessa Latorelli '21 singing "How Far I'll Go." Senior Michelle Callahan '21, Senior Class President, spoke on behalf of her class. She was spirited and confident that this class will make the best out of the situation given to them. The class candle was created by Senior Ava Benzan '21. In representation of their Commissioning theme, "Rise Up," Ava scripted each of her classmates' names into the candle leading up to the top of the flame, where they will rise.

We are so proud that the Class of 2021 is gracefully willing to rise up, and be a guiding force and example to all. We wish our students the best during their senior year and look forward to seeing all they accomplish.

Class of 2021 Commissioning Mass

Class of 2021 Commissioning Ceremony

Please see below for pictures from the Class of 2021 Commissioning.