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A Profile On Faith

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Written by: Kaleigh Marr '21


I have gone to a catholic school for five years now. Which means, I have not only furthered my education but also furthered my beliefs and understanding of the catholic religion. We are often told to put our faith in God and trust what he has in store for us. I never truly understood what this meant or believed it was true but when we face difficult things or situations, in our life we almost have no choice.

An example of this would be last year. Last year my dad got the flu and became very sick. He went to the doctors multiple times and they could find no medications to improve or even regulate his symptoms. As he continued to get worse my mom decided to take him to the hospital. While he was at the hospital the doctors told us he had both bronchitis and the flu.

These two thing together made them believe he would have to stay at least three days, if not more. I became worried and had to put my trust in God that he would recover quickly. I prayed that he would be home soon and return back to his normal self. If it was not for my faith I would've had a extremely difficult time with this. Although it was difficult, I knew God had a plan for my family and my dad would be home soon.

Since then faith has been very important to me. I define faith as complete trust in something or someone. Putting in all your confidence, in hope of a positive outcome. Although I am definitely not glad this had to happen, I am, however, grateful for the lesson it taught me. This is something I will keep with me my whole life.

For all these reasons, faith has changed my life. It went from something I had learned in school to something that would later help me get through difficult times. Trying to trust that all things will get better can be difficult at times but with faith I found this to be possible and I am forever grateful.