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App of the Month: SeatGeek

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Written by: Marina DiBiasio '21



As we get closer to the holidays, many people are starting to buy gifts. Which leads to the question: what should I buy? With that being said, the app of the month of November is SeatGeek. SeatGeek is the perfect place for teenagers in high school to buy tickets all the way from their favorite artists’ concerts to sporting events. 

SeatGeek pulls all of one particular events available tickets all over the web into one place, making buying tickets for yourself or others much simpler. Each seat is ranked from 1-10 on how worth it the ticket really is. It takes into consideration the price and then compares it to the actual view you will have, eating the seat based off these two factors. The app also provides an aerial view of your seat and can also include real photos of your seat, so you won’t be duped into buying a bad seat. 

On top of that, the app makes purchasing and selling tickets very easy. If you in fact were buying tickets for a friend, you could easily send your friends the tickets from your phone for either free or you can sell the tickets to them through the app. SeatGeek also allows you to scan the ticket at events to get in, rather than having to have a physical copy. Buying tickets through the app is as easy as two clicks as well. 

SeatGeek continues to provide for all types of events, ranging from sports, concerts, theater shows, local festivals, and even comedy shows. They customize the app for you based off of your interest and previous purchases. This helps make choosing a show to go to easier and more efficient. I highly recommend downloading this free app, especially before the upcoming holiday season.