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Sticking To Your New Year's Resolution

  • 2019
  • New Year
  • Resolutions
  • Winter
Written by: Natalie Kane '19

            It is 2019, a year highly anticipated and significant in many ways; it is the year in which our St. Mary’s seniors will graduate, it marks twenty years since 1999 (a surprising statistic to many), it is the 100th birthday of the Grand Canyon National Park, it is the year in which the United Kingdom and Gibraltar will leave the European Union, a number of countries will be electing new leadership including Nigeria, Israel, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and the United States, and there will be a total solar eclipse visible from South America, an annular solar eclipse will be visible from South Asia, and the Transit of Mercury will occur. Among these things are a million other reasons why 2019 is an important year, and with the beginning of the year comes new goals and resolutions which people make and aim to keep, although New Years Resolutions have a reputation of failing quickly. Here are some steps on how to stick to your New Years Resolution for 2019:

1.     Choose a realistic goal. Making new years resolutions is a great way for people to better themselves whether it is by eating healthier, exercising more, or doing more good. However, if your resolution is too hard you will not make any progress. In choosing your New Years Resolution you should pick something that is realistic to keep with your life. For example if you want to get more exercise, think of your weekly schedule and how much time you could realistically dedicate to going to the gym, to make it easier for yourself to succeed. Don’t decide to follow a very strict diet limiting yourself to an insufficient amount of calories or nutrients each day, because that can be unhealthy and end up working against you. Make sure to consider your mental health as well as physical health when setting your New Years Resolution.

2.     Keep track of your resolutions. Consider writing down your resolutions somewhere you will see it a lot or keeping a journal to keep track of your progress. This will help you stay organized when keeping your resolutions and see factual evidence of your progress. This can help you improve yourself in multiple ways beyond your resolution like becoming more responsible, confident and organized.

3.     Celebrate your success and be lenient with yourself if you slip. Celebrate your little victories as a way to reach your larger victories. Completing one week sticking to your resolution is a big deal! And a month of sticking to your resolution is an even bigger deal! Be proud of yourself for completing your goal, for it is a great accomplishment. On the contrary, if a holiday comes up, you take a vacation, or anything that would throw off your normal schedule and you fall below your standards don't sweat it. No one is perfect and you work hard already. Keep pushing yourself to be better but if you slip up once in a while that is completely normal and should not cause you stress.

            Following these steps will help you to adhere to your New Years Resolutions in a healthy way. Making New Years Resolutions is a great tradition to practice because it can help you better yourself and put life in your years.