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Student Resource of the Week: myHomework Student Planner

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  • Technology
Written by: Grace Fielding '19

            Students at St.Mary’s are challenged academically, with most students balancing 6 or 7 classes.  Organizing assignments and tests dates is very important, but can be very challenging at times. One app that students can utilize on their iPads is the myHomework Student Planner.  The myHomework app is an intuitive resource that allows the user to create classes and assignments within those classes.  They can view their list of work in different formats.  One format that students find particularly useful is the format that organizes the assignments in order of when they are due.  The app is free for students looking to use its basic features.

            Many St. Mary’s students use this resource every day to keep track of assignments.  One student, senior Natalie Kane, expresses her appreciation for this app: “The myHomework app is great for keeping my assignments, tests, and quizzes organized.  I really like the interface of the calendar view.”  St.Mary’s students should consider downloading this app stay on top of their schoolwork.  You can download the app here: