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This Week In Spartan Sports

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Written by: Susannah Cornell '21


The week of November 26th kicks off winter sports tryouts. Swimming, indoor track, Girls and boys basketball, boys and girls hockey, and cheering all start this week with 2 days of tryouts for all of them. Tryouts span from 1 and a half hours to 2 and a half hours. As these winter sports start, football is coming to a close. This Saturday the football team will play at Gillette for the state championship. If they win, fall sports will clock in a north title from the boys soccer team, a state championship from the golf team, and an impressive tournament run from girls soccer. As students start to tryout for the sports teams in the fall, they need to make sure that they take the impact test for concussions. No one can try out unless they have paperwork indicating that they took this memory test. For girls and boys basketball, athletes have a chance of making the Marian Division team, the freshman team, Junior Varsity, or Varsity. One of our athletes, Achan Wol, says, “I worked hard all summer and all fall to become a better basketball player. Because of this, I’m so excited for the upcoming girls basketball season!”. For track, everyone makes the team and is given the event that the coach believes that they will be most successful in. Boys hockey has a junior varsity and varsity team while the girls hockey team just has a varsity. Tryouts for boys hockey and girls hockey take place and Lynn Connery rink while the girls and boys basketball tryouts are held in st. Mary’s gym. Indoor track is held in the cafe and swimming is held at St. John’s Prep. Cheering is also held in the gym on the stage. As we start this new season, coaches and athletes alike are extremely excited for their upcoming season and we expect big things from all of them. Go Spartans!