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Allowing faith to shape her has made life ‘incredible’
Giana Riberio

I am what you would call a cradle Catholic. Basic, I know. I was baptized at three months old. As a child, I went to church with my family every Sunday. I have attended Catholic school since the age of 4. When I was in second grade, I received my First Holy Communion. Once I did so, I became an altar server. I could recite nearly every Bible fact because I wanted to be the smartest in my class. I sang in the choir at Mass because I loved music and thought I had a beautiful voice. I was an altar server because my sisters did it before me and my friends with me. To be involved in church was not only our culture – it was cool. Faith and charity weren’t really reasons for my participation in church; I mainly did so to show off or entertain myself. I did believe in God, but I didn’t think of religion as a big deal. 

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Christopher Colombus and the Day Dedicated in His Honor
Mikaela Li

“Hello, how might I help you?” says a person from the twenty-first century.

“Hi, I am Chistopher Colombus, and I am looking for Asia. Is this by any chance where it is? I am looking for many valuable treasures – many valuable treasures and fine objects, indeed.”

“I am sorry, sir, I do not understand what you are saying, but this is America.”

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