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College in the COVID era
Sam York

One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic has been how schools at all levels can effectively educate students while remaining within the fine lines of safety regulations. There have been major changes in the way students learn, including attending classes online and in person with smaller, more spread out classes.

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Relief from the Pandemic is in Sight
Brianna Skory

The time period running from last March until now has been devastating, unpredictable, surreal, and overall, a complete nightmare. The coronavirus sent the world into chaos and has sent a wave of sheer terror across the nation. It has resembled a bizarre dream that everyone just wants to wake up and escape from. So, the question on everyone’s mind is, “When will this all end and when will the world return to its normal state?” 

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The Move to Remote
Shannon Lovett

From almost completely full classes, socially distanced of course, to near empty halls, it is no secret within the St. Mary’s community that the number of remote-learning students has increased dramatically.

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What Separates Us
Ava Benzan

It has been an American right and privilege to be able to stand up for what you believe in. Revolutions, marches and civil disobedience have been an integral part of our history. Earlier this month, people labeled “patriots” by our former President engaged in acts of terrorism while hiding behind the word “protest.”

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