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Cold and Windy are the Right Conditions for this St. Mary’s Surfer
Samira Krol

When people think of surfing, visions of palm trees, and places like Hawaii and California probably come to mind. This is the image for most but not for surfers in NewEngland. For a surfer from this area, visions of a perfect day would include chilly temperatures, cold water, and thick wetsuits. Surfing here is a whole other world.

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Modern Cinderella
Gloria Mlongecha

There was once a happy family of three people – a husband, a wife, and a daughter. The husband was in the army and the wife was a third-grade teacher. One day, the wife, Willow, got into a car crash and passed away. The father and daughter were devastated. They mourned over her for months, but soon learned how to live without her. The daughter's name was Ella.

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Divided Politics, Divided Nation
Christina Papadopoulos

Considering the United States is limited to two dominating political parties—the Democratic Party and the Republican Party—little political variation is offered for American voters. Consequently, the majority of voters in the United States—specifically those who are known to be an opponent of politics, a careless citizen, or a generally gullible individual—are forced to decide between two paths, even when one may not entirely represent their ideologies or desired plans for our country.

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