The St. Mary's Theatre Company is a tight knit community where you're sure to shine either on or offstage, and create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. We offer our students two unique opportunities every school year to either perform on stage, or work behind the scenes. Our company gives students not only the ability to share their talents with the entire school community, but also the capacity to create and build upon lifelong teamwork and public speaking skills.

In the fall/winter season, the Theatre Company participates in the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild's High School Drama Festival, a competition in which high schools all across the state compete against one another for a chance to go to the State Finals. There are three rounds of competition, and over one hundred schools participating. Each school is required to stage a forty-minute, one-act show at a host site in Massachusetts with seven other high schools. The day of competition is not only a culmination of months of hard work, but a celebration of theatre, and a way to forge connections with fellow thespians from all over the state. In recent years, our Theatre Company has performed The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, The Audition, First Person Shooter, and The Last Nickel, which moved on to semifinals just last year!

This year, the Theatre Company will be performing a play, entitled Shadows Shall Scream, written and directed by Lily Doolin ('17) "My light is going out. And if there’s no light within me, her darkness will swallow me whole." Seventeen year old Max Daniels is fighting for his life. The Shadow, the mysterious girl who follows Max around and torments him throughout his everyday, is close to killing him once and for all. After the death of fellow classmate Kevin, The Shadow is relentless; not even Max's hilarious and crazy friends, Patch and Ramsey, can save him from her darkness. The only place Max can catch some kind of break is under the streetlamp in the park. Max's only chance to keep his light from going out is to find a way to defeat The Shadow for good. But time is running out for Max, and The Shadow may be too strong to conquer...

In the spring season, the Saint Mary's Theatre Company also puts on a full-length musical, an opportunity for those interested in singing to have their turn under the lights! Some of our recent productions have been The Wizard of Oz, Seussical, Nunsense, and Beauty and the Beast.

Get Involved with SMH Theatre!

Whether you're interested in writing, acting, or technical theatre, we have a place for you within our community:

Playwright: Choose from one of the dozens of play genres, or go against the status quo and create something unique and genre defying. Create your own original script through words and actions of characters to depict a story that will be produced and performed by your fellow classmates on stage.

Director: Bring words from page to stage by orchestrating the action of a script. Work with stage crew, technical producers, and actors to bring to life a story for performance.

Stage Manager: Direct and lead the stage crew, technical producers, and actors of a production. Oversee rehearsals, and keep everyone on task and focused on success.

Sound/Light Production: As sound producer, master cues and add special effects to create depth to a performance. As lights producer, master cues and add a colorful and impactful element to the set of a show.

Costume Designer/Manager: Be responsible for overseeing one of the most important aspects of a production: the costumes. Collaborate with directors to choose outfits for characters according to their personality and the demands of the show, and care for them properly.

Makeup/Hair Designer: Add dimension to the characters by giving them their own, unique look. Collaborate with costume designers and directors to make characters lifelike.

Stage Crew: Help build the set, and be in charge of manipulating it from scene to scene. Assist actors backstage during productions, or assist sound and light producers.

Actor: Try your hand at bringing a character to life, and portraying them in your own personal way. Be a part of the cast of a production, and witness first-hand a story being born onstage.