St. Mary's Show Choir

As construction on our new STEM and Gateway building that will be dedicated to science, technology, engineering and math continues, St. Mary’s will also offer an enhanced opportunity in the fine arts.

St. Mary's is proud to announce the creation of the St. Mary’s Show Choir and Scholarship program, which will be possible thanks to an anonymous donation from a North Shore businessman who made his first gift ever to the school.

The program will begin in the fall of 2020, with the inaugural class of ninth-grade students. The Show Choir will use bilingual vocals (English and Spanish), choreography, staging, costuming and production to synthesize students’ artistic experience. 

“For English-speaking students, what better way to learn another language? And for our bilingual students, it is an opportunity to celebrate their culture and heritage,” he added. “I am thrilled to be able to provide these chorale opportunities to North Shore students.”

The new choir program will be offered to students as part of the regular curriculum offerings at St. Mary’s. The competitive show choir will be an addition to the extracurricular clubs, organizations and athletics teams St. Mary’s offers.

“My vision for this program is that choir members will learn to be effective leaders and role models in today’s society while they continue to pursue their passion for performance, regardless of their academic interests,” Dolan said. “They will grow as students, leaders and role models. This program is a terrific addition to the St. Mary’s experience.”